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A Paper Exhibition Opening Friday February 20, 6-8pm


Catherine Clayton-Smith


Cameron Skelton

Paper can be seen as a material for preliminary work. It opens the flood gates to ideas that don’t have to be resolved.
Marissa Bagley
Matt Busteed
Kit Christian
Catherine Clayton-Smith
Anna Cuthill
Simone Griffin
Patrick Head
Viktor Kravchenko
Steven Latimer
Dan Mitchell
Kyle Murrell
Jannah Quill
Benjamin Reid
Cameron Skelton
James Stevens
Elena Tory-Henderson
Sean Wadey
Siena White

Sound and light performance by Jannah Quill Tuesday February 24, from 8pm


Exhibition Hours
Saturday Feb 21, 12-6pm
Sunday Feb 22, 10-6pm
Monday Feb 23, 10-6pm
Tuesday Feb 24, 10-

Alex Latham Janne Atron Tom Dubb


Free Brews Exhibition November 21, 2014


FreeBrews_6656FreeBrews_6667FreeBrews_6689 FreeBrews_6688 FreeBrews_6685 FreeBrews_6690 FreeBrews_6780 FreeBrews_6800 FreeBrews_6803 FreeBrews_6825FreeBrews_6650

Photograhs Courtesy of Anna Cuthill


The Combine is a showcase of 11 practising artists. Individually they work in a multitude of mediums. Delving into an array of approaches to engage and reiterate their own ideas.


Each artist is exhibiting a minimum of two works – both in different mediums. This collection of works has been selected to show each artists range and diversity.


The Combine although perhaps chaotic, schizophrenic and disjointed aims to shed light on the contemporary artist’s practice. Cast on the open playing field of today -where the distinction between disciplines fluctuates and a multiplicity of materials are made available.

The Combine 2014


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Inaugural FONAS Life Drawing Exhibition

Friends of the National Art School  

FONAS has been running the life drawing sketch club for twenty years, with the help of Spencer White (owner of StudioW), Peter Handran-Smith and Michael Gatliff. The Life Drawing evenings started with only a Monday session, but became so popular that the Thursday was introduced. This exhibition held at Studio W on November 2, is the first of many more to come.



Due by Spencer White

What are you looking at.jpg

What are you looking at  by Spencer White